Reflection #2

Redondo Beach. To me, Redondo is just a small beach city I call home. Like many beach towns the main places to go are the beach and the bars.

The pier is also a main hub because it has many restaurants, souvenir shops, and of course space for fishing. It has a expansive walk way that has a spectacular view of sunsets.

We also have whales year around!

Okay, painted whales but whales nonetheless. This huge mural can be found on the outside wall of the AES Redondo Generating Station. It is one block from Hermosa Beach, the neighboring town, and one block from the Redondo Beach harbor and the Yacht Club. Wyland’s whales are one of the defining pieces of art in Redondo Beach.

The town is laid back and the people live on beach time. You can almost always find some souls at the beach because our “bad” weather is a brisk morning in Moraga. I truly live in Sunny Southern California with beaches and blondes and everything.

Although we are a beach city we are still a city and that means traffic! The Pacific Coast Highway is the major street that runs through Redondo, and there is always traffic on that street! Driving down Pacific Coast Highway(PCH) is where a lot of bars and mom-and-pop shops are located.

PCH will lead you to Rivera Village which is the home to many little boutiques and cafes and fairs. It only spans a couple of blocks but it is so full of life and character. It is also the favored parking spot of the Jesus van. No trip to Redondo Beach is complete until you see the Jesus van. The van is completely covered in “Jesus” in a variety of materials: the owner uses anything from tape to tinsel.

Redondo Beach schools are interesting too because we have around five elementary schools, that are all rivals, that dump into two middle schools, that are rivals, and all of those students are placed in one high school. It is nice because there are new people to meet at every new school unlike the schools in the neighboring towns.

Redondo Beach although small is full of character and entertainment. There is always something to do in Redondo whether it is playing beach volleyball, walking to a park, or visiting one of the malls.

One thought on “Reflection #2

  1. Nice start on your reflections. I encourage you to add specific details throughout. Don’t just tell us that there are mom and pop stores on the main road through town. Name them and give a sentence or two of description of those that stand out. Your readers should begin to see this place. The pictures do help us “see” and they are a nice addition, but try also to accomplish this in language. Remember to use the five senses.

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