Literary Response #4

I am still a little confused what the meaning of the novel is. Is is just another crime book? Is it explaining that people tend to stick to their routine, like the man in Spade’s story? Is is about authenticity and truth?

In class we talked a lot about the authenticity of the characters and plot. This discussion is interesting to me because what is authentic in this novel? We spent a fair amount of time talking about Brigid’s “love” for Spade. I am mostly split on my feelings about that relationship. I feel like her feelings for him are as authentic as the falcon is–something is there but it is not the real thing and just formed from deceit. I do not care what she claims, most of what passes her mouth is a lie anyway, she does not go back to Spade until she finds out the fat man is in town. She refuses to answer Spade’s questions and just distracts him with her ploy of innocence or her love. However, it is possible that some feelings formed but if they do exist I believe them to be more of a fondness for Spade than love for the P.I..

In #3, I talked about how the story Spade tells Brigid might be his explanation of how things are going to play out in the end and after finishing the novel and re watching the film I believe that is true. He hands Brigid over to the police because that is what is expected of him–to honor his deceased partner and be true to his moral compass. He bent some of his morals on the hunt for the bird but he quickly fell back into the routine he always lives as soon as his “beams” stopped falling.

Is there more to the novel than this? Or is it just meant to be a good read? I do not have the answer right now so I guess I need to go watch the movie a couple more times or pick up the book again and see if I find anything new.

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