Music Response #5

  1. The Thrills are from Dublin, Ireland. Everclear is from Portland, Oregon. Chuck Prophet is from Whittier, California. Notorious B.I.G. is from New York.
  2. All four songs have a narrative. “Santa Monica” and “Summertime Thing” are both songs I would expect to hear on the beach in Southern California—they both exhibit the laid back attitude SoCal is known for.
  3. “Santa Cruz” has a melancholy tone to it—the repetition of “oh Santa Cruz/no, you’re not that far” is where this tone really shines through.  “Going Back To Cali” is completely different from the other three songs from its introduction to its genre.
  4. “Santa Cruz” shows that not everything turns out great like the myths seem to promise and how California can take everything you have. But it also shows that no matter how your dreams turn out the landscape it still a promise within itself. “Santa Monica” explores how California, with its sunny beaches, can be an escape: “leave the fire behind/swim out past the breakers/watch the world die/we can live beside the ocean.” California holds the promise of a new start and Everclear grab a hold of that idea in this song. California, specifically Southern California, holds summertime to a different set of rules than the rest of the year—Chuck Prophet shows this relaxed mentality in “Summertime Thing”. “Going Back To Cali” shows the good time that California always offers those who look for it.
  5. “Santa Monica” is my favorite song from this selection because it reminds me of the people that come to my hometown. It embodies the feeling that many of my out of state friends say when they come to Redondo Beach. The music is also fun to listen to and sing-a-long to.

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