Reflection #4

I love the city and take any chance I can to visit, but out of the many times I have been I have only seen a small number of the sites from this trip. This was my first time at Caffe Trieste! Which is incredibly surprising with how much  I love coffee and North Beach. I loved the feel of the place before I even walked in–there where a couple groups of people sitting outside enjoying their coffee. Although I did not get anything to eat there their baked goods looked delicious!                               1.27.14 029

Again, for how much I go to North Beach and how much I love books this was my first time to City Lights. I feel like this is nearly a crime! Especially how famous it is and how I prefer smaller bookshops compare to Barnes & Noble.                                                                       1.27.14 032

The bookshop was brilliant! Three floors of books, what could be better? I love that you can tell it is a privately owed shop just by walking around on the squeaky floor boards. The smell is just so overwhelmingly that of a bookstore–paper. Not only where the books fascinating but the decorations where too! They all spoke of a local community–cork boards for post your favorite author or advertising the next rap contest and posters and postcards pasted across little wall space not taken over by the books and their shelves.               1.27.14 037

Although we did not have much time to explore anything else in North Beach or China Town, it was fun it just walk down the streets and watch as people rushed by us with an empty smile plastered on their faces for the other passerby. They really were the friendly that can postpone WW3 as Del Amitri suggests the people in California act. 1.27.14 044

The Maltese Falcon tour was long but interesting. Although I did enjoy stopping in the pulp shop, my favorite part was at the end of the tour near the “spot Miles Archer, partner of Sam Spade, was done in by Brigid O’Shaughnessy.” I love the sign that holds this quotes because it was the only sign on the tour that did not say that this is from a work of fiction–if someone did not know the novel or movie they would probably be extremely concerned or if they were not finished with the book they would receive quite the spoiler. But the best part was as Mr. Herron was describing the murder he pulled out a Nerf gun shot one of us!archer

Even though we spent most of the day in the city it felt like we had no time at all there. It was a wonderful way to end our adventure in Sam Spade’s world, but now it is time to go back to our own since the “beams” have stopped falling.                                                           1.27.14 047

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