Literary Response #5

I loved Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “I Am Waiting”. It is such a beautiful poem that just begs to read aloud. It feels almost simple in the first read but the power it evokes is simply breathtaking.

The structure is interesting because he chose to keep all of the lines short, which gives a sense of urgency–you cannot wait to get to the next line, which is ironic since he is waiting. The only thought that is completed in one line is “I am waiting”.

What is Ferlinghetti waiting for? I think he is waiting for the opportunity that the California Dream has promised millions. I feel like he realizes that the promise of a second chance does not always turn out the way the myths suggest. He ends the poem with “and I am waiting/perpetually and forever/a renaissance of wonder” which proves that he knows that the wonder he is searching for will never come to him.

I love the power and wonder I feel everything I read it or hear it read. It is one of those poems I just want to commit to memory because it reads so smoothly.

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