Literary Response #6

So far, Tortilla Flat is incredibly bizarre and ridiculous! I mean every time Pilon and the others have the means to pay Danny they just make up excuses until they finally reach the conclusion that drinking wine is the best option–every time! I mean they burn the house down because they forgot to put out a flame and the lesson they learn is “never to leave wine in a house overnight” (41). The extremes of these characters are staggering, but it is entertaining and one of my motivate to continue reading.

Another thing that is interesting is Danny’s dread of owning property. He is much happier to be napping in the woods wig his jug of wine than be the owner of two homes and be forced to take responsibility of his property: “when they are broken you become sad. it is much better never to have had them” (15). He would rather live without than be forced to accept the loss of something you once were responsible for.

The bound of friendship is interesting so far. At the surface level these men seem to just be using each other–Danny only talks to Pilon at first because he has liquor and Pilon talks his way into Danny’s home but does not pay. However, there seems to be something more to their friendship, and characters, that I cannot quite pinpoint yet. I am interested to see how the Arthurian legend plays into this novel and how the characters reveal themselves.


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