Moodle Arrives

Blackboard is Going Away
January  2012

Please remember to download and save Blackboard course files!
Use reports from Blackboard  in 2009 showed that less than 35% of faculty in 2009 were using our on-line Learning Management System. This number has increased for 2010 and is expected to continue rising over the next few years as access to on-line resources become more important for research and productivity.  It is always a good idea to back up your files; if nothing else the process of backing up and moving your course materials will give you a chance to update and reorganize materials for students. Course materials will be available in Blackboard until May 2011 but you will not be able to get a new course site in Blackboard beginning Jan Term 2012. After May 2011, you will still be able to retrieve your course materials from Blackboard upon special request as CaTS will be archiving all existing materials.

To export and save your course got you your coure site in Blackboard > Control Panel > Course Options > Export Course. All materials will be archived and ready to import into GaelLearn Moodle. The caveat is that Blackboard code scrambles the file neames, you may need to use a converter such as bFee or the LSU converter to regain your file structure.

The Instructional Technology Team located in BUG Hall, room 114 are here to help you export and save your course materials. We are also happy to help you learn how to transfer course materials into GaelLearn/Moodle. Please make an appointment by calling x 4266 to set up a specific time so we can get you up and running.
GaelLearn/Moodle is based on constructivist theory. You will see the names of various areas within the course management systems are different from Blackboard for instance instead of discussion boards, GaelLearn has Forums and instead of a control panel, there is an administration block. One of the core differences is the use of folders. GaelLearn flattens materials and does not have a slick way of creating folders. Instead of folders, users are encouraged to use simple web pages or directories. Contact Instructional Technology for more advice on how to organize materials effectively in GaelLearn.

Gaellearn is scheduled to replace Blackboard by January 2012, so remember to export or archive your course materials in Blackboard before we make the final shift.

Heidimarie RamboCongratulations to Heidimarie Rambo!

Heidimarie has been recognized as an outstanding on-line course creator. Specifically she has been awarded for providing an innovative course design with few resources. Heidimarie is currently moving the TESOL certificate program to GaelLearn/Moodle as an on-line certificate. She created an x-Box avatar of herself to create a greater sense of connection with students and has structured materials in a clear, straight-forward way that guides students through their learning process within the on-line format.

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