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The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) hosted it’s third annual education and technology conference, Big Ideas Fest this past December in Half Moon Bay. The conference is a unique three-day immersion with workshops in collaboration and design focused on producing solutions to the problems currently facing education. Conference participants included members from K-12, higher education, educational non-profits and start-up companies. The keynote speaker was Sugata Mitra whose research crosses between the fields of cognitive science, information science and educational technology.

Professor Mitra is most known for his research project entitled, “Hole in the Wall” where he dug a hole in the wall of a slum in New Delhi to record the actions of children as they played with a computer connected to the Internet. The children taught themselves to browse the Internet and to learn basic English with no prior training or exposure to the medium. His research has been replicated in England and other areas of Europe with the same result; children will self-organize and teach one another to solve problems without the structure of a classroom or master teacher. This basic instinct to problem-solve and peer-instruct was present within all socio-economic backgrounds tested.

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