First REAL Post


Howdy folks,

For my first post, I’m supposed to, “find an example of a blog that you think is effective and post a link to it on your own blog.” At first, I wanted to examine Breaking Muscle because they do a lot of good work, but they don’t date their entries, so I guess it isn’t considered a blog by some definitions. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back to it in a later post.

So, another good website that does date their entries is The Art of Manliness . This blog’s “message” combines lots of topics that interest me as well as many others such as vehicle maintenance, personal finance, and men’s fashion (yes, beards are part of fashion).

However, as we have heard quite a few times already this semester, ‘the medium is the message’, and just as this blog does a great job appealing to different interest groups, it also provides several different media forms. While this blog is pretty exclusively space-oriented, it still shows variety in its media.

The most common post they deliver is a basic text article with a few pictures. A very hot medium, but it is the most common modern method for spreading information. It allows visitors to the site to absorb content at their own pace and without needing too much bandwidth or speakers like a video post would. Socrates, Innis, and McLuhan may not like it, but the written word is king and it’s here to stay.

That being said, video posts are also produced and sometimes even produced in conjunction with written articles – a cooler medium.

Longer podcasts are also put up. These lack the visual component of a video, but can go into more detail for when one has more time to give to a particular topic.

Last of all, some posts are just ‘infographics’. As hot as it may be, a picture is worth a thousand words (which can be pretty hot too), so they can provide a very quick way to convey a lot of information.

So, by using several different media forms to cover numerous message topics, The Art of Manliness does just what it means to do as a blog which is to reach out to a wide audience. Without even discussing the promotional methods employed to get readers coming to (and coming back to) this blog, it is clear that they have cast a wide net onto the potential audience while still maintaining a central theme for dedicated visitors.

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