In Memoriam

For my video editing assignment, I was really interested in the French Realism style of not editing my video. I like how it shows how monotonous and common life is for all of us. French Realism shows that normal people like you and I can be protagonists in a story and we are in fact the protagonists in the stories of our own lives.

Seeing the video clip in class of the woman kneading meatloaf for 3 minutes and listening to everyone in the room squirm made me think back to when we listened to the full 4’33” by John Cage and could feel how uncomfortable it made us.

We are so accustomed to the American Continuity in all of our television and movies that we even try to emulate it in our everyday lives. We play music to give our lives soundtracks and post pithy one-liners on social media so we can feel as cool as a movie hero. We are so immersed in American Continuity, that listening to nothing for 4 and a half minutes or watching someone just cook without Gordon Ramsey yelling is almost unbearable.

This realization disturbed me. We try so hard to make our lives like what we see in television and movies that we cannot appreciate what we have and how we can make ourselves and our lives the best they can actually be. Therefore, I chose to make a video accompaniment to 4’33” for my project.

I don’t own the rights to the song 4’33”, so you’ll need to open it on your own at the same time.

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