LR #4 The Maltese Falcon (2)


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“The boy walked over and stood close to Spade, a little in front of him, but not directly between Spade and the door. The boy’s right hand was inside his coat over his heart. The corners of his mouth twitched. Spade essayed his sixth step. The boy’s leg darted out across Spade’s leg, in front. Spade tripped over front. Spade tripped over the interfering leg… The boy drew his right foot far back and kicked Spade’s temple… he tried to get up, could not, and went to sleep” (pg 130).

The boy has a lot of confidence in himself, and he is finally able to best Spade. Even after being shown that Spade is the alpha male in the chapter before when Spade was able to grab, toss around, and disarm the boy. But when the boy gets a chance to take a little revenge on Spade, he does so with eagerness. The “mouth twitch” makes it seem like the boy was trying to hold back a smirk like he knew he was going to knock out Spade, so is Spade the alpha male he portrays himself as?


“Spade pulled his hand out of hers. He no longer smiled or grimaced. His wet yellow face was set hard and deeply lined. His eyes burned madly. He said: “Listen… You’ll never understand me… When a man’s partner is killed he’s supposed to do something about it…” (pg 213).

Though Spade may not want to, and he may truly love this woman, he feels an obligation to turn her in. It was not just some thief that she killed but in fact killed a good man, a good partner. Spade starts the disconnection from her by starting with the extremities (hands), then moves deeper and deeper into his soul till the decision was made.

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