LR #5 Ferlinghetti


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“I am waiting

for forests and animals

to reclaim the earth as theirs

and I am waiting

for a way to be devised

to destroy all nationalisms

without killing anybody

and I am waiting

for linnets and planets to fall like rain

and I am waiting for lovers and weepers

to lie down together again

in a new rebirth of wonder…” (pg 2, Ferlinghetti).

This is a strong statement because it goes against the growth of people. It instead supports the fact that animals, and forest are the things that are actually in control on the earth. Every part of the earth was originally controlled and owned by nature, and nature will hopefully one day become a bigger part of our decision making, and hopefully nature will reclaim the earth. The last part I took literally; a wish that everyone can live together without hate, and people will help each other.


“I am waiting

to get some intimations

of immortality

by recollecting my early childhood

and I am waiting

for the green mornings to come again

youth’s dumb green fields come back again

and I am waiting

for some strains of unpremeditated art

to shake my typewriter

and I am waiting to write

the great indelible poem…” (pg 4, Ferlinghetti)

This statement by Lawrence Ferlinghetti spoke strongly to who I am as am in individual. Even though I am only in my early twenties, I feel a sense of getting old and I want to let loose every once in awhile to still act like a teenager who has no worries, just like when I was a kid. But when thinking of my childhood, I think of getting up in the morning to play sports and walking out and seeing nature all around me. No housing developments yet, no paved road, just our house and nature. The last part I took as writing a life story, rather than a literal poem. I am waiting to look back at the poem/story that I hope will be an amazing and indelible.

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