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Posted by kjv1 | Posted in Reflections | Posted on January 17, 2014

The trip to San Francisco was amazing. I think my favorite thing about the whole thing though was walking down Broadway Street. The professor had told us about Big Al’s and told us some history about how it was one of the first big topless bars in the city, and what surprised me was right next door was the Condor Club which was also a topless bar. Put two right next to each other? Must have been a lot of lonely men living close to Broadway Street in the 60’s.  The signs for them are both awesome and make me think of action cop/mobster movies, Dirty Harry for example. Besides just the interesting buildings and the interesting people, one other thing happened that I found pretty strange. When walking around, we ended up walking past Big Al’s and the Condor Club, and about 15 minutes later we found ourselves again walking right up to the Condor Club and Big Al’s. All the best routes seemed to take us right back to where we started. Is this a coincidence or just the perfect location?USA_San-Francisco_Big_Als

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