LR #6 Tortilla Flat


Posted by kjv1 | Posted in Lit Reviews | Posted on January 20, 2014

When looking at chapter 1 of Tortilla Flat, the first theme I found was loyalty, which is mostly the case for Danny. Danny had loyalty to his grandfather which earned him the land, and then there was the loyalty to his friends.  He feels loyalty to not leave his poor friends behind and to pay his debts to those he cares about. Chapter 2 helps show this when Danny and his friends all move into the nice house, where they eat and drink, and fall asleep at. Chapter 3 shows a little of Pilon’s selfishness through out the chapter. He uses Danny’s house, doesn’t pay rent and then places the debt onto someone else. Again in the next chapter, Pilon is just worrying about himself. Danny is involved with a women and Pilon does not want that because a man with a girl wants to buy her things, and that cost money which Pilon owes Danny for rent. And as soon as rent is brought up, Pilon gets angry, walks away, finds money, and then will probably buy wine and drink it again. Chapter 5 is a major screw up for Pilon when they leave a candle burning and through a series if unfortunate events, end up burning down the house and sleeping in the woods to avoid Danny.

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