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Posted by kjv1 | Posted in Music | Posted on January 26, 2014

1. “California” – Rogue Wave

Where: Oakland, California

Message: The message that I think Rogue Wave is trying to portray is the fact that California may have its superficial, fake people that care about themselves and maybe even hard-hearted people who won’t change their thinking (“ice that will never melt”).

2. “I Remember California” – REM

Where: Athens, Georgia

Message: The message that R.E.M. is portraying is that California is not all that it is cut out to be. R.E.M. shows that there are a lot of things about it that cause people to be distressed. A lot of traffic, a Trident submarine, and the looming threat of natural disasters (earthquakes).

3. “California” – Rufus Wainwright

Where: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Message: At first, I thought that Wainwright was talking good about California, but as I read and listened closer, I got a hole different message. The message I got was that California was good but it’s kind of a joke. Through out the song he seems to making sarcastic remarks towards California; such as when Wainwright says:

“California, California

You’re such a wonder that I think I’ll stay in bed.”

4. “Another Letter Home” – Del Amitri

Where: Glasgow, Scotland

Message:  This message, like the song before started out sounding like it was praising California but as the song continued, it seemed to get sarcastic and more focused on the negatives of California. There are good parts that Del Amitri brings up, but for the most part he is talking negatively about California; the fake people, the high cost, the big buildings, and the materialistic nature of people.

Compare: When looking at all the songs, one thing that seemed to be in common with all of them were some of the points they focused on for the negatives of California, and also some positives. These negatives that were portrayed mostly go along the lines of people being materialistic, fake, and not a good place for too long (paradise can only last so long). Some of the similarities when talking about the positives that the songs had were the weather, the idea/dream of California, and some of the friendly strangers.

Contrast: The songs are different in a couple ways. The first song by Rogue Wave is the most different because though it talks bad about California in some cases, it still talks about California being home, unlike the other songs. Song two, by R.E.M. has a little bit different of a meaning for being worried about California, it’s not just the people but also the earthquakes that cause is him to worry.

Most Relatable: The most relatable song is the first song, “California” by Rogue Wave, because it spoke to how I feel about California some times. When I think of California, I don’t have the false image that tourist may have. I have lived here all my life and though I may hate some of the things about it, I will always love it and call it home.

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