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Posted by kjv1 | Posted in Music | Posted on January 26, 2014

“California Love” -Tupac: Harlem, New York

While singing about California, Tupac goes into detail to describe the cities of California as great cities, while in fact some are not good neighborhoods that should idealized. Tupac also sings about the “life of a Californian” which includes sex, drugs, partying, and a little crime.

“Going to California” – Led Zeppelin: London, England

This particular song by Led Zeppelin is a love song for the typical idea of a “California girl”, though maybe the California girl image is no longer the flower in the hair, everyone wants a California girl. It was the idea that though you may be down on yourself, come out to California, find a good life and a good “California girl.”

“California” – the Weekend: Scarborough/Ontario, Canada

While listening to this song, I found a different couple meanings. The first was a literal meaning, that she is missing the love of her life, a man who got away. And the other is that the love of her life is California and she yearns to be there.

“Los Angeles, I’m Yours” – Decembrist: Portland, Oregon

Decembrist song is about the love/hate relationship that he has with Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a place with full of negative people and cultures. But even though the city may be full of these negativities, it is a place that he is still and will always love.

Compare: While listening to all the songs, I found that though all the songs were similar in the idea that they have love for California. But out of the songs the most similarities were found between Tupac’s and the Decembrist’s songs, and then the similarity between Led Zeppelin’s and The Weekend’s songs. Tupac’s and the Decembrist’s songs include negatives which does not turn them away from California, the songs show that they are still very much in love with California. While Led Zeppelin’s and The Weekend’s songs are written as somewhat as a love story to a particular person, which in turn can be represented as California.

Contrast: A couple of the differences that the songs have are first, Tupac’s song glorifies some of the negatives of California. The second song by Led Zeppelin, is a love song that compliments and talks only on the positives of California.

Most Relatable: The most relatable song to me had to be Los Angeles, I’m Yours”  by the Decembrist. This song, though in the wrong location for me speaks a lot about the love/hate relationship that some people, like myself go through every once in awhile. While I may not enjoy every culture and thing a person does to stay ‘hip’, and it may actually bother me, California is my home and I love it. I would never change anything about, unless I could kick some individuals out of the state.

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