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Posted by kjv1 | Posted in Music | Posted on January 26, 2014

“Shores of California” – Dresden Dolls: Boston, MA

I don’t understand stand this song all that much. From what I could get, it’s a very over the top song about relationships. The song when listening to it has a nice melody to it, but a lot of the verses caught me off guard. For example: “And that is why a girl is called a tease; And that is why a guy is called a sleaze; And that’s why god made escort agencies; One life to live and mace and GHB.” It starts with the stereotypical views on the two sexes, but then moves on to mace which has the connotation of woman having them to defend themselves, and GHB which is a drug commonly used as the date rape drug; it went from stereotypical to two extremes.

“California” – Dr. Dog: West Grove / Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Dog in his song “California” has two different interpretations. The first is that the song is literally about California and the love people have for it. The second interpretation is that the song is singing about love, relationships, and marriage. Out of the two, I found the second to most compelling through out the song. Dr. Dog uses verses such as: “solemnly swear”, “till death do you part”, “bells keep ringing”, and finally “we’re sitting on a real celebration.” All these terms and a couple more through out the song are associated with marriage, and a church which makes a compelling case that the song is in fact about marriage.

“California” – Josh Ritter: Moscow, ID

Josh Ritter is singing about the trips to California, and how when he is there he feels the warmth and loves the weather but no matter where he is or who is around, he feels lonely. He also mentions a couple main streets of Los Angeles, so most likely he is speaking about traveling to LA and everything he encounters.

“California Dreamer” – Wolf Parade: Montreal / Victoria, Canada

This is another song that I found has two different interpretations. The first being that somebody, most likely a girl ran off to Los Angeles, California to be a star leaving him behind. He will visit but that’s all it will be because she had planned for something to happen that hasn’t and most likely won’t. The second interpretation is that he is singing out to the general people to not just get up and leave everything behind for this false image of California. All the people who think California is this magic place untouched by changing seasons and cold oceans, are wrong according to Wolf Parade. And I have to agree with them on this, people who come to California with this image are 9/10 let down by what they come to find.

Compare: The Dresden Dolls’ song “Shores of California” is similar to Wolf Parade’s “California Dreamer” because it focuses on the negatives of California, and California people.  The song “California” by Dr. Dog is similar to Josh Ritter’s “California” because they both speak about the warmth and beauty and love they have for California.

Contrast: The song “Shores of California” by Dresden Dolls is very different from any other songs in a couple of ways. The song focus’ on the negatives of relationships and just simply the extremes that could happen if people aren’t careful. Josh Ritter is different because he doesn’t want to stay in California, he just wants to continue visiting California for its beauty. “California Dreamer” is different because it strictly focus’ on the false images that are associated with all of California.

Relatable: The song that I found most relatable had to be “California” by Dr. Dog. This song is relatable because I love California and who doesn’t want a ‘California girl’. And though there is only a couple great times to get married, getting married in California with the right weather would be a perfect wedding.

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