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“Santa Cruz” – The Thrills: Dublin, Republic of Ireland

The song is not directly about love for Santa Cruz, but sings about it as a great place that multiple people can come and visit. Besides that I found that this song is hard to interpret because of the way each section is made up. And to be clear, does cos mean with in Galician?

“Santa Monica” – Everclear: Portland, Oregon

This song seems to be singing about a girl who he left, he packed up his bags and moved to Santa Monica. Only to find once he got there, that though he didn’t want to be with her anymore, it is lonely when you have to watch the world come to an end.

“Summertime Thing” – Chuck Prophet: Whittier, California

This song is basically about the perfect summer for anyone. You have friends and family coming by for the bbq’s and parties, the kids go down to river and jump in the cool refreshing water. One thing I loved about the song is that he didn’t focus on just the beach like image that California has but instead says river to show that you don’t have to live by a beach to get the sun and a nice river to jump in.

“Goin Back to Cali” – Notorious B I G: New York, New York

Notorious B I G sings about the stereotypical star lifestyle in Los Angeles. He is singing about the best girls, the best parties, the best weather, the best drugs, and overall on how great of a place California is to visit, well at least for the rich.

Compare: Chuck Prophet’s “Summertime Thing” and Notorious B I G’s “Goin Back to Cali” both sing about the stereotypical California that people who aren’t from here imagine is California year around.

Contrast: “Santa Monica” talks about the world in a negative few and though Santa Monica is a place to go to, a person needs to swim out far to avoid being a part of the world’s end. “Summertime Thing” doesn’t just focus on the stereotypical Los Angeles scene but uses river to show that not everyone has to be at a beach to get sun in California; and also the song doesn’t specifically point out California as the place he is singing about.

Most Relatable: The most relatable song was “Summertime Thing” by Chuck Prophet because it reminds me of the 4th of July fireworks show in my hometown. The weekend before 4th of July, Cameron Park lake holds a firework show to celebrate 4th of July and everyone shows up. There are house lining the lake full of bbq’s and families coming together to celebrate and watch the show. There is a swimming hole for the kids to go and swim at, and everyone just seems to be in the best of moods under the warm sun shine.

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