R #4


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The trip to San Francisco was amazing. I think my favorite thing about the whole thing though was walking down Broadway Street. The professor had told us about Big Al’s and told us some history about how it was one of the first big topless bars in the city, and what surprised me was right next door was the Condor Club which was also a topless bar. Put two right next to each other? Must have been a lot of lonely men living close to Broadway Street in the 60’s.  The signs for them are both awesome and make me think of action cop/mobster movies, Dirty Harry for example. Besides just the interesting buildings and the interesting people, one other thing happened that I found pretty strange. When walking around, we ended up walking past Big Al’s and the Condor Club, and about 15 minutes later we found ourselves again walking right up to the Condor Club and Big Al’s. All the best routes seemed to take us right back to where we started. Is this a coincidence or just the perfect location?USA_San-Francisco_Big_Als

R#3 “The Earthquake”


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"The Earthquake"

“The Earthquake”

Here is my own depiction of John Muir’s writing: “The Earthquake”

R#2 My Home


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When thinking of my home town, the first thing that comes to mind is dirt. Growing up, dirt was a part of life. Every year I got a new pair of shoes because my other ones got so dirty that they needed to be replaced. But to go along with the dirt, were tall trees, large fields of tall grass. The best part of being home was the sky though. Being able to look up when walking out in the morning and see the beautiful blue skies has always been one of my favorite things. Though that my be one of my favorite things, nothing beats laying down on the trampoline surrounded by trees and looking up at the stars in the night sky. Unfortunately, time has taken a toll on my little town and there is less trees and less open fields than before. Though this makes everything a little less calming and peaceful, a lot of the land is still great, and the skies still beautiful. But this is not all that makes my home what it is. The people in my town are another reason for the town being what it is.

About 10 years ago, the road to my house was finally paved and made into an actual road instead of just a gravel path that we drove on. Since then the town has grown about double in size. It started with community homes being built, then it moved on to apartments and multiple main stream pharmacies and grocery stores. This may not seem like a big deal but when I think back to my childhood where everyone knew each other in town, and there were family rivalries in the community sports leagues. This was a fun loving environment, always running into people at the store or going out to dinner. Its not like this anymore. The town has grown to an alarming size in just a couple of years. There was no way of expecting it. And though as a kid I may have not liked the fact that the town was so small and full of dirt, I miss it now. Every once in awhile I get depraved and dirt and need to go out and get dirty, do something to get my hands dirty and feel like I was in  the country again, back at home in my dirty shoes.


– Kyle Volk

R#1 What is California?


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When thinking of California, the first thing that I think of is Northern California. Northern California to me is a place full of change and differences in both the people that reside there, and the drastic setting/environment change. It is a place where not only the weather changes, but within a couple miles of each other, the entire environment, the people, and the way of life can all change. Nor Cal is a place I can walk outside one morning and have the sun shinning bright on my face, but within a couple hours that can change and it can be pouring down rain. Nor Cal is a place where a person can move a couple hours away and feel like there in a completely different state.

I have grown up in Northern California all my life. I have traveled much of Northern and little Southern California because of baseball and basketball and every time I go somewhere I get to see how unique this state really is. My home town is a little town on the outskirts of Sacramento. Though it has grown a lot in the last ten years, it is still a town full of nature, dirt, and family. When thinking about home, I think of my childhood, before it began to grow, where everyone seemed to know everyone and if a person had clean shoes, it meant they were only a weeks old at the latest. It was a dirt town and though I miss it, it is nice to be able to wear white and keep things cleaned for more than a couple hours. Every place all the over world has a little thing that makes it unique, Northern California’s is that the place is a place of change.

– Kyle Volk

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