The Circus

timmychanga 1 – click this link to listen

If you were fortunate enough to go to a circus as a child, it was probably one of the most exciting things you could experience. Acrobats flying through the air, clowns being shot out of canons, and all sorts of wild animals roaming the stage. It is safe to say the circus is pure old-fashioned fun.

But what if the circus turned out to not be so fun? What if the most exciting experience of your life could turn into the most traumatizing in a matter of seconds? Perhaps their is a reason why circus’ are a “dying” bread.

This creative lab was really fun to make for a few reason. First and foremost, it allowed me to tell a story, which is one of my favorite things to do. Secondly, by using just sound effects and music, you can get very creative in how far you want to go with a story and really paint a realistic picture that would be really hard to do if you were shooting a movie. Lastly, not only was I able to record my own effects, but I used other sound effects that I found off of the internet. Put these sound effects together and what you’re left with is a narrative that is engaging, entertaining, and overall, quite convincing in its realism. Hope you enjoy.

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