The Gracie Kendall Project

In relation to our upcoming class to take place in Second Life, I thought of this video. It’s called The Gracie Kendall project and it stars, you guessed it, Gracie Kendall. Kendall is an artist who uses Second Life to help with her be more of who she would like to be in real life. Her avatar is quite different from her actual self in that she is thin and quite beautiful, and in reality she is overweight.

An art student, Kendall used the project as her thesis which looks at ways in which avatars help with self acceptance. Kendall is very brave in this undertaking because she is forcing viewers to draw attention to something that she is probably most insecure about: her appearance. It is quite fascinating and worth checking out.

Second Life allows anyone to be the person they wish to be, and in that sense, it is a great tool for those of us who are not happy with who we are to express ourselves in a safe and comfortable environment. And with the increasing number of people with body dismorphic disorder, social anxiety disorder and various other mental illnesses, it is easy to say how such a community has been formed and continues to grow and evolve.

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