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The Liberal and Civic Studies paper that I chose is entitled “Poverty and Education” from L&CS 121. I chose this paper because I learned the most from writing it. As a future teacher, writing this paper was a huge wake up call. It was actually difficult for me to write, not because of the research and quote integration (which is usually my issue), but because of the content. I am a very empathetic person and it is hard for me to keep my emotions out of such a powerful topic. This paper discusses the lack of funding and resources in impoverished schools, the difficulties students face at home and in their communities, and the lack of enthusiastic teachers and how all these things lead to an improper education for children. I received a B+ on this paper.


My minor is Studio Art, and I have not yet written a research paper. Instead, I chose to present one of my favorite projects that I have created within my minor classes. I made this image entitled “Trust me” in my Digital Media Art class. We dedicated a third of this course to Photoshop, which is what I used to create this image. I am a huge Disney fan and I decided to put a slight twist on a classic Disney scene. I chose a scene in “The Lion King” where Simba, Timone, and Pumba are proudly crossing a log with the big moon behind them. I took this strong, hopeful image and placed a variety of Disney villains on the log and in the background. I felt confident with this piece and my Photoshop skills greatly increased. I felt confident with my use of shadows and light to produce a believable image. I received an A on this project.

I chose this paper because it was the seminar paper that I was most proud of and showed the most growth. I have always had trouble writing papers, integrating quotes, and still getting a clear message across. I feel like this paper really shows how much I have learned throughout my courses at Saint Mary’s. This paper is also one of my favorite papers I have written at this school becacuse it is about a very relevant topic: How to create a successful society. I was able to excel with my writing skills and produce a very well written paper. I received an A-, the highest grade I have ever received on a paper up until that point.

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  • Praveen

    Thanks for sharing such a piece of nice information. Looking forward form you for more structured reports on the needful topics. The above mentioned topic was great to present as a seminar topic. Hope you have done well with the presentation.

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